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Even in Finland, summer days heat can come as a surprise. Grab a swimsuit and take a trip to the shore of our home farm, so the camping day gets a whole new energy.

The shore of Lake Luomajärvi is sandy and slowly descending, so it is perfect for even small children.

There is also a campfire on the beach, please note the forest fire warnings.

There is no supervision on the beach on behalf of the house, so bathing is at your own risk.

Alternatively, you can also rent the yurt sauna. When you sauna in the shores of Lake Kankijärvi, you will enjoy your own peace.

You can also set up a tent in the lawn area next to the beach. Accommodation is free, and a campfire site is also available for campers.

The tent site does not need to be reserved separately.


You can stay comfortably in hell, whether you are on the move alone or with bigger group. For example, you can enjoy the peace of your own sauna at our cabin Kankijärvi.

The wild boars and ostriches on our farm are interesting animals that you can visit freely. During the summer, you can maybe spot some other animals in the restaurant’s yard..

Bring your trip to life with decent steam!
In the handmade yurt, you get great steams, and between them it is nice to take a dip in Lake Kankijärvi to cool off.