what (the hell) is hell?


Sounds barren? Don’t worry, because now it’s not about that nasty known place, but a relaxed and nature-friendly Restaurant Helvetin Portti (The Gate of Hell), next to Helvetinjärvi (Hell’s lake) National Park. Here you can enjoy wild boar and ostrich dishes Alkaen our own ranch, spiced with products Alkaen other local producers.

At the gates of Helvetinjärvi National Park in Ruovesi, Finland, you will find our small but even more cozy restaurant, where we serve meat and other dishes Alkaen our wild boar and ostrich ranch right next door. In our restaurant you can also enjoy coffee, pastries and ice creams – right in the heart of nature. We serve lovingly made, homely and meat-weighted food without unnecessary constellations. It is important for us to support Finnish work and use clean raw materials, which is why we try to get everything up close – even the dishes!

In addition to wild boar and ostrich dishes, you will find on our lists, for example, pike Alkaen a local fisherman and mushrooms Alkaen near forests.  You will also find creations, souvenirs, and meat Alkaen local craftsmen to take home. We work with many local companies, and through us you can rent for example accommodation, canoes and bus transportation. We help you to organize meetings with small and big groups.  For example, what would it be like to have a guided tour of the national park, a warm, tasty wild boar soup at the end of the trip and a sweet steam in our yurt sauna?

Damn good, right?

meters to natinal park






At the turn of the millennium, we held a shop, barbecue place, pizzeria, restaurant and many other activities in the center of Ruovesi. Little by little, however, we got tired of the seven-day work week and the 12 – at worst, even 17-hour workdays. We decided to give up everything and move here into the wilderness, go to paid work and start living like “normal people”.

Mirja went to the local shop to work and Mika returned to drive a truck. The years rolled comfortably and even the children flew Alkaen the nest to each other. During the summer, chickens, turkeys, salmon and pigs were raised. Life was quite relaxed.
Despite a laid back life, we both dreamed of animals that could be kept all year round. Surprise, surprise, we ended up with wild boars! Gradually the herd of pigs grew and at some point it started to become a profession.

Then came the year 2011. For more than 20 years, the neighbor’s mistress had been running a kiosk in the Helvetinkolu parking lot until she suddenly stated that “something else could be done.” The ladies exchanged jobs and Mirja became an entrepreneur again. At the same time, the development of Kankimäki’s operations began. Then came the ostriches. For a few more years, Mika tried to do two jobs at the same time but then had to admit and start working as a full-time host of the ranch.

The years have rolled by, and the place has gradually grown in reputation. Over the years, we have employed many wonderful people, both young and a little older.
In 2020, we opened our new 150-seat restaurant to replace a small kiosk, and a new expanded travel park was also provided for caravans. Currently we have a couple of caravans for rent, three saunas (like a yurt sauna), two cabins (permits are coming for three new cabins), a couple of sheds and much more nice.

We want to serve our customers as well as possible. In addition to wild boar and ostrich dishes, you will also find vegetarian and fish dishes in our restaurant so that you can find food for the whole family. You can get to know the animals of our home farm for free and the farm’s sandy beach is also available to everyone. You can get maps of Helvetinjärvi National Park for free Alkaen the restaurant’s information when you go on a forest trip. Dogs are also welcome with us.

We warmly welcome you to Hell!

Entrepreneurs of Helvetin Portti
Mirja and Mika