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Located in Helvetinjärvi national park
Fully renovated restaurant
2 cabins, 2 saunas
Experiences for every budget!
 Our History

This is how we ended up in Helvetti

At the start of the 21st century, we were running a grocery store, a grill, a pizzeria, a restaurant and a lot more in downtown Ruovesi, which is a small town near Tampere. We got sick of the seven-day workweek and days that stretched out to 12, even 17 hours. We decided to give up everything, move in the middle of nowhere, go to a salaried job, and start living like “normal people”.

Mirja went to work at a grocery store and Mika started trucking. The years went by comfortably, and our two children flew out of the nest, each to their own paths. A neighbor of ours had a little kiosk in Helvetinportti back then. We raised chickens, turkeys, salmons and pigs during the summers. We wanted something that could be kept year round and, to everyone’s surprise, we ended up getting a bunch of bores. The herd grew quickly and at some point it became our full-time job.

2011 came areound, and the lady who kept the kiosk thought that after 20 years, she’d like to do something else. The ladies exchanged jobs and Mirja became an entrepreneur, once again. We started developing all kinds of things, and even got some ostriches. Mika tried to work two jobs for a couple of years, but after some time decided to work in Helvetinjärvi full time.

In 2020 we opened our new restaurant that seats 150 people. We also built out our campervan park. We rent a few camper trailers, a couple saunas and two cabins. We’re right now in the process of building three more cabins, a new sauna and lots more.

We want to service our customers as well as possible. At our restaurant you’ll find bore and ostriche food, and, to accommodate everyone’s needs, you’ll also find fully vegetarian meals and fish. 

You can visit our farms for free and the beach is free for everyone to use. At the restaurant you can grab free maps of the national park. Your furry friends are also welcome. In fact, we have our own menu for dogs!

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Helvetinkoluntie, Ruovesi