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Welcome to greet our animals!

On our home farm we raise wild boars and ostriches, which you are free to greet. Our farm is located right next to the restaurant – you really can’t miss our animals when you arrive in Hell!

Remember these

1. The road to Hell goes through our farm – so drive carefully. People, dogs, cats and work machines move around the area.

2. We have made widenings along the road where you can leave your car. please, don’t park in our home yard. Of course, you can also visit the farm on foot, the distance from the restaurant is about 500 meters.

3. You are free to move around the area – however, please follow any signs and instructions. You will also find information boards about animals next to the ostrich and wild boar pens.

4. Don’t feed animals! Animals get treats from us, don’t worry.

5. Watch out for electric fences! Do not climb, lean or reach over fences.

6. Dogs are welcome to our home farm but don’t bring them close to the animals!

7. You can come at any time to ask anything from our “zoo-keeper”. 


In addition to wild boars and ostriches, Hell’s life is also enlivened by many other animals. Our dogs Aada, Eetu and Bonu move around the area enjoying the attention of the people and taking care of their herd. At home, cats are an invaluable aid in restraining rats, and for the summer we always come up with new visitors to Hell. 

In the summer of 2021, fluffy silk chickens and adorable rabbits arrived as guests. You can meet these animals during the summer next to the restaurant toilets.


In the handcrafted yurt sauna, you will enjoy a sweet steam bath at the end of the hiking day. The sauna is rented for at least two hours at a time.

Hot day, huh?

Feel free to visit the beach on our home farm! The beach is small, but safe even for little campers. You can also camp with tent there, if you like. There is also some grilling place to use.

Whether you need one night’s temporary accommodation or a week’s vacation for the whole family, we have a roof over your head!