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Crown your hiking day with amazing steam!

The yurt sauna is a completely unique sauna inside the handcrafted yurt that we claim to offer the best steams ever.

The sauna is located in the middle between the restaurant, the Kankimäki car park, and the beginning of the national park route, in its own peace on the shores of Lake Kankijärvi. So, in the midst of nice steams, you can sip along the elongated trees to take a dip in the refreshing lake. There is a pier on the beach and a small lounge in front of the sauna.

The rental price is 25 € / 2 hours with self-heating. It takes about 30 minutes to warm up. If you have already had others in the sauna before your reservation, the stove is of course already warm.

you can book the sauna in advance by calling or sending an e-mail. You can also ask about the possibility of a sauna even at short notice.

The yurt sauna is not available during the winter season. However, we also rent the yard sauna of our home for 15e / 2h, heating ourselves.


You can stay comfortably in hell, whether you are on the move alone or with bigger group. For example, you can enjoy the peace of your own sauna at our cabin Kankijärvi.

The wild boars and ostriches on our farm are interesting animals that you can visit freely. During the summer, you can maybe spot some other animals in the restaurant’s yard..

Our caravan travel fleet has expanded even further, and now there are already 22 electric seats. You can rent the seat for a small fee.